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8 Witnessing Strategies from the GOP Republican Debate

Posted: 11/17/2016 12:00:00 AM by L.A. Lynch

Recently 12.5 Million viewers were tuned into the Republican GOP primary card debate. For most accounts, this viewership was significantly low in comparison to the previous debate broadcasts. While there is no debate as to "why" viewership was lower; one could make the case, that many engaged folks indeed may have become weary of the debate shenanigans and decidedly made other choices. Whatever the reason, in my mind, 12.5 million is nothing to sneeze at! If the heavens rejoice over one soul, imagine if it were 12.5 million! You may find it strange however, that a GOP debate can lend itself to evangelism strategies...however, I've learned the contrary.1) As an Authorized Ambassador (2 Cor. 5:20), never go missing in action! Opportunities to share the ‘Good News”, especially when INVITED, should not only be humbling, but also valued. Any audience of any size that has inclined their ear to hear, is worth the time and effort. Furthermore, regardless of our name and status, it must be all about the Gospel message of Good News. I often hear believers say, “They know who I am” when referring to the workplace. While, on the surface, we understand the sentiment, but remember, they should know who "Jesus is in you, because it is about HIM, not you." Gal. 2:202) As believers, we should always seek to grow in biblical knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ. While there may be moments we are pressed on a position we once took in the past, it is far better to say “Yes, I did believe that” instead of playing the "shell game." It’s okay to take ownership when the “mark was missed; thus, we can share and embrace the message of God’s grace, instead of starting a battle of wits!" 2 Peter 3:18.3) The Word of God tells us to study to show ourselves approved, workman’s that need not be ashamed. Knowing the word of God and delivering the Word goes hand and hand.


Conversely, citing scripture robotically can lead to false security, especially if you suddenly forget key versus. You may inadvertently appear rehearsed or insincere. Remember, the WORD in demonstration coupled with Love, will compel them to come! 2 Tim.15-164) There is no other name more powerful than the name of Jesus! When we received Jesus Christ, as did the saints such as Abraham and Paul, he spiritually and supernaturally changes our name. Sure, there will be many that will always call us to our old nature, or even that of our family name or nature, but we must never lose sight of what GOD has called and changed us to. Again here, the message of the Grace is powerfully sufficient. 2 Cor.5:175) The Gospel message is powerful, life changing and exciting! As ambassadors, we must not only show up, but be PRESENT and ALERT! We don’t have to be as angry bears to get the message to the lost, yet we should certainly present as if we are totally engaged and excited about it! Jer.23:296) As previously stated, we don’t have to be aggressive as an angry bear in order to deliver the “Good news." Sure, we can become immensely passionate about our differences, especially when we are expressing life, death, sin and salvation messages, yet, the message becomes lost as the need to WIN a door discussion, emerges as the primary goal. The Word, in love will do its work. Hebs.4:127) The Word of GOD lets us know that one waters, one plants, and it is GOD that brings the increase. Soul Winning is accomplished by GOD.


The mandate given to us, is that we share what we know, seed the soul with the love of GOD, water the soul with the word of GOD and it shall be accomplished. We cannot take any credit for soul-winning, it belongs to GOD alone. To Him be all the glory. 1 Cor.3:7-98) Evangelism, true evangelism is not a popularity contest. The message of the Gospel speaks for itself. God will use whom he pleases; that has the right motivation and the boldness to speak, even when it appears that we are the least favored. Remembering that the heavens do rejoice when one soul hears and receives the Good News, thus an audience of thousands is not more important than an audience of one. 1 Cor. 3:6So, which candidate…ooops, which Believer strategy might you be?Whichever one you may identify with the most, the key is, don’t lose the message when you show up for "open door" opportunities. Evangelism is not a performance, it is a commission!Eagles Wings!


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