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And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel's, But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life.

Mark 10:29-30

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Witnessing Strategies For The Imperfect

Everyday Evangelism Book

Author LA Lynch, has compiled years of personal stories with the hope that you “Dear Reader” will become an “open door” also. EVERYDAY EVANGELISM will allow everyday encounters to become evangelical opportunities as you are ushered out of spiritual shyness. Lost souls will know that they have just encountered the gifts of HOPE and the GOOD NEWS wrapped in Christ’s love, delivered to them!

The author, brings you into the moment with a writing style filled with transparency, humor and Godly wisdom. Through the pages, you will come to understand the requirement to engage in evangelism. Initially, you may not think that this book is for you, but you will soon discover that Everyday Evangelism was written for everyone.  

It will speak to you directly! You will gain insight that will allow you to share the Good News, one heart at a time, so please, keep reading. This book will not provide instructions, yet it will provide illustrations to inspire your evangelistic view for everyday interactions. 

In the book of the Gospel according to Mark, God gave the mandate in the form of a commission requiring everyone to go out and share the Good News. If this is really such Good News, then shouldn’t it be an opportunity for all to seek to do every day? It is the goal of this writer to utilize the words on these pages to help you, Dear Reader, understand true evangelism.

The commission of evangelizing can be summed up simply by realizing the “open door” that we need to consider each and every day. This is what is required of us by GOD.Where ever your sneakers, heels or loafers leads you, down a road, on the highways, to the corridors of corporate America or perhaps within your own living room, where ever your territory, the ministry of evangelism is essential. The ministry is within YOU.

Author L.A. Lynch

A native of NJ, LA was born and raised in a Godly family. Despite receiving biblical instruction and teaching, she recalls years of living outside of the will of GOD. Through the grace and mercy of GOD and through the HOLY Spirit, today LA has served the Body of Christ as a youth ministry leader, Sunday school teacher, women ministry coordinator, healthcare educator, workshop leader and speaker. She also believes that laughter is one of GODs' greatest supplements that should be taken as often as possible. 

She also has served for the past years as Board Chairlady for a non-profit organization dedicated to the health and well-being of women and families. A ministers wife with wonderful children, LA is known for interrupting movies to point out deceptions and provide "Godly" teachable moments and can occasionally be heard talking politics or vehemently responding to broadcasts.

Everyday Evangelism Reviews

Here is what readers are saying about Everyday Evangelism!!

M. Randolph

Plainfield nj

After reading the book Everyday Evangelism, I realize that it really is not hard to witness your faith in very simple way that I can pratice every day. The book is inspirational, and very informative. It was like a rollercoaster ride, I laughed and I cried.

T. Glliard

cherry hill nj

Everyday Evangelism was a true blessing to my life. I thank you so much for sharing this motivational collection of evangelistic insight with me. Bless the Lord my sister; always be ready because you never know when your next assignment will show up.

C.W. Smith

newark nj

Everyday Evangelism is not your everyday evangelism book. I was really inspired and discovered that everyone can be an effective witness for God. Now I look at evangelism not as a mission for others to do, but now I include myself as a Kingdom builder!

Terrell Potts

Santa monica CA

I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who wants to win more souls for the Kingdom of God! The author does a fantastic job of bridging to the deep things of God with every day, practical examples of evangelism from her own life.

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