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And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15

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Everyday Evangelism

Initially, you may not think that this book is for you, but you will soon discover that Everyday Evangelism was written for everyone. It will speak to you directly! You will gain insight that will allow you to share the Good News, one heart at a time, so please, keep reading. This book will not provide instructions, yet it will provide illustrations to inspire your evangelistic view for everyday interactions.

In the book of the Gospel according to Mark, God gave the mandate in the form of a commission requiring everyone to go out and share the Good News. If this is really such Good News, then shouldn’t it be an opportunity for all to seek to do every day? It is the goal of this writer to utilize the words on these pages to help you, Dear Reader, understand true evangelism. The commission of evangelizing can be summed up simply by realizing the "open door" that we need to consider each and every day. This is what is required of us by GOD.


Everyday Evangelism Discussion Booklet

Dear reader, as you journey through each chapter, you will reflect on encounters or open doors you will recognize in your life’s journey. These types of encounters are designed as an opportunity to share the Good news! On your journey, be sure to PRAY for those you have and will encounter, and to yield yourself to the wisdom and direction that will come from God.

For book clubs, it is also important to remember the need for confidentiality, this is imperative to those that may wish to discuss real issues Believers encounter each and every day. Some issues may be difficult, but here again, understand that the group is also engaging in Everyday Evangelism! Embrace the opportunities…Enjoy the Journey…and Laugh out Loud often.

*On-line book discussions with the author available for book clubs. Use contact page to request more information.


Pocket Card/Bookmark

Weekly Witnessing Declarations. Great for office pin-ups! FREE with any purchase.

The Cuss Cup

Inspired by "Chapter 8" This beautifully designed ceramic cup eliminates any grey areas. For practical use or as an evangelistic opportunity, or both. Ideal to display on your office desk. Create an "open door opportunity".


Everyday Evangelism Stylus

Everyday Evangelism multi-styllus. - $5.00 - Plus receive a complimentary Witnessting Strategies for the Imperfect Daily reminder card!


Ambassador Shirts

Fruit of The Loom 100% Cotton T-Shirt. Fabric is 5oz pre-shrunk lighter weight cotton. sizes s-XXL GoOD News -Grey or Witnessing- White

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Empires Will Crumble T-Shirt

The Tee says it all! Great conversation starter for the Good News!


Witnessing White

Walking Dead T-Shirt

The Tee says it all. What a great way to share the Good News to Fans!


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