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But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.

Acts 20:24

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Protected Class

Posted: 4/12/2017 12:00:00 AM by L.A. Lynch

Since 1964, Federal law in the United States established and implemented the protected class status. This status was a tangible result from the many years of death and civil turmoil. The initial protections targeted Race, color and religion. Since 1964, the law was expanded several more times. Notably, in 2010, the law extended anti-discrimination for gender identity. These protections indicate that discrimination of these classes are unlawful. Today, gender identity and protections dominate the airwaves resulting from legal jostling to establish a place of rest for those whose identity differs from their birth assignment. Of course, the word "rest" refers to room assignment, ladies or gentlemen. Much to the astonishment of those who oppose this progressive change, the law favors the protection, thus discrimination of a protected class is unlawful. We too can reap the harvest of being a member of a protected class.This status was born not based on identity, gender or even religion; but by the covering afforded us by the blood of Jesus Christ, through the acceptance of the Gospel and the salvation receipt. While it is true, the practice of religion is a protection, it is imperative for the Believer to understand the laws associated with this perceived protection.


For example, is it discrimination to remove the verbiage "under GOD" from the pledge, which continues to be an on-going target from non-religious organizations. Most offensive, is the Military Freedom from Religion (MFFR) organization that rages an all-out war on Military personnel to reduce their religious liberties and BAN the BIBLE from our soldiers. YES, this battle, war and assault on a protected class is raging as these words are typed! Sadly, the vast majority of Believers are unaware that their voice of evangelism is required beyond their "neck of the woods." It is imperative to know the WORD and stand on its foundation for a lost nation. Cultural, social and most notably political battles are often lost or delayed due to the silence of the majority (Romans 8:31-39). Hence, we must not limit our influence with the expectation of "one day, we will be home". We are the "salt and light, (Matthew 5:13). The world has become darker, not simply because of the progression of a sinfulness, but because of the strategy to press the law to legalize a "mute" status, thereby silencing the efforts of the great commission (Matt:28:16-20)! If successful, these laws will silo the gospel message within a Believers' home and place of worship. Conversely, even places of worship have become a targeting effort to silence the TRUTH of God’s Word.


This was evident in 2014, after the contentious passage of anti-discriminatory law; pastors were subpoenaed to turn over speech notes or presentations that potentially included references of an opposing view. Has religious liberties become endangered for the millions that identify as Christian? How can this be a protected class for religious liberties? With increasing religious conflict, as a societal backdrop...Hosea 4:6, must take on a deeper meaning; the question to ask is simple... "Shall we perish for lacking in knowledge and relinquish the liberties provided by this country’s constitution?" It is past time, we the spiritually protected class, Kingdom children, warriors of the gospel, must study the WORD of GOD and the laws that govern the territory to which we have been called (2 Timothy 2:15). Thereafter, enlist for battles that has taken stage in our schools, owner operated businesses and places of worship. (Luke 14:23).Evangelism just got REAL (Relevant, Engaged with Authority to transform Lives). Let's offer the provision of everlasting Protection that can only come from GOD (Psalms 91); for such a time as this!


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