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2016 NFL Superbowl Game or Super Agenda

Posted: 6/12/2016 12:00:00 AM by L.A. Lynch

To my wonderful family of Believers, Surprise! Perhaps, it is not necessarily a best kept secret, but there are indeed other venues a side from politics that should arrest our attention, when striving to be salt & light of the earth (Matt. 5:13-16). An evangelistic tool used to discern "open door opportunities", is quite simple to detect. Hence, It is imperative to take notice when an occasion to cast a W I D E net in front of the gateway of the soul (eyes) (Matt 6:22), rest assured, the potential to" influence" the masses exist. Conversely, the 2016 Superbowl game, has been rated the 2nd (or 3rd depending on the source), highest number of viewers, based on historical data! Certainly, this type of venue must bring an evangelistic beep on a believer’s soul winning radar! If not, let us explore reasons to rethink the use of that radar, with the exploration of organizations or groups that think differently.


First, let's look at the hard data. It has been reported that more than 111.9 million households watched the 2016 Superbowl game. This number does not includethe number of folks within a household, or those that chose to watch the game via unique venues, such as live-streaming or on devices.This was indeed a nation wide event,..for a game? There were Millions of eyes viewing the annual spectacle of rivalry, camaraderie, showmanship,while enjoying hot wings and a "cold one" (for those that indulge). Interestingly enough, the battle between these two opposing teams was not the only reason for the enormous viewership. It is widely known that the Superbowl airtime, provides opportunity for a 30-second commercial advertisement (Ads), as well as boost of a center stage performance for top industry performers. These Ads, potentially saturate the soul of the viewers, in hopes of increasing its influence towards a purchase, agreement or to it's social agenda. This must be considered a "golden" opportunity for sponsors, organizations and performers...the height of achievement!


When considering a 30-second Ad, the financial investment was not a drop in the bucket. The opportunity is "priceless", as these Ads and performances become a topic of discussion, weeks and years later. Long after the battle has ended and the new champions have settled in as victors, losing teams begin to work towards unseating them; many of these Ads will continue to be seen and or discussed. I believe it's safe to conclude that this type of venue opportunity must be strategically planned. The stakes are as high as the financial investments. Early within a budget period it is a risk for any group or corporation, especially for a mere 30-seconds!With this in mind, (at the risk of my being accused of "over analyzing" ) that despite the groundswell of team rivalry, and what turned out to be an unbeatable defense, there were organizational agendas playing on the turf. These agendas were executed with thoughtful precision, viewed in plain sight. The goal was clear as they vied to influences of the masses! Obviously, there can be no debate as to whether many organizations or groups saw the potential of gaining "influence" at the big game!Let's explore a few:1) Performances during half-time have rates nearly as high as the game itself. So, was it a coincidence, a promo for Skittles (candy) or an agenda? At the end of one of the performances, the main stage glowed with colors of the rainbow. While, I have been wrong before (sarcasm intended), I most whole-heartily believe that this was NOT a reference to Gods covenant (promise) given to Noah after the flood (Genesis 6-8). It is also doubtful that these were anything but coincidences and there was no one mentioning the Skittles slogan "taste the rainbow" it would seem, an "agenda" is a probable conclusion.


To that end, there were noteworthy Twitter responses supportive of its inclusion. There was some outrage by the "opposing" viewers.2) It seems that many other folk have also concluded that the retro-fueled performance appears to be a reference to the 1960's Black Panther movement. Sure, the "Panthers" were playing in the game, yet the performers costumes, choreography, and headdress strongly suggest otherwise. In consideration to the current state of the nations justice system, clashes with authorities and relationship to minority communities, a mystery now exist of the intent of this agenda (statement). Was this a call for resurgence or just a nod of acknowledgment? One thing for certain, nonetheless, this was an "agenda".3) For the 2nd year in a row, the use of pets and animals in Superbowl Ads continues to increase; however they are increasingly becoming disturbing. Certainly, singing sheep, and hot-dogs running towards a ketchup dispenser begs a smile, and dogs posing as a human in order to obtain a tasty chip brings a chuckle. However, a squirrel lounging in a hot tub with a bikini clad woman drinking an alcoholic beverage (2015) raises an eyebrow. This year, both eyebrows were raised, as viewers were shown an outdoors man spending the day with his pet Marmot (large squirrel). As the Ad provided its visual of a day of playing and enjoying the outdoors together seemed harmless. Until an awkward turn took place as the, the man looks loving towards the Marmot and begins to lean in for what looked to be an open-mouthed kiss! **pause** **blank look**.


The rodent suddenly objects, by putting his paw up in defiance! Ok, first, how does this relate, promote, and market outdoor clothing? I guess in the end, I'm glad the imagery included the rodents objection! However, I failed to see the humor and I believe there is certainly an agenda here.Many may consider this Ad overly scrutinized; I say absolutely not! To prove this point, the remaining items were not specifically on my radar as suspected agenda issues, yet I must mention them for obvious reasons.4) Despite my preference towards modesty, another Ad parody of a woman having fetal ultrasound and her presumed husband having a snack during the process. During the ultrasound the the fetus favorably responds to the presence of the husband enjoying his snack. This actually seemed humorously plausible. In contrast, a national pro-choice organization was offended and outraged at the depiction of the fetus as human! **Drops mic!**".The outrage was derived from the notion that the plots core dared to imply the fetus was human! The org. took the position of a great "offense", taking to its Twitter account, sending outraged messages to its followers with a hashtag "#notbuyingit!"In addition, to this heated objection, it has also been reported that the sponsors of the Ad had no intent to make such a LIFE statement, especially given the fact that they are pro-choice financial investors! With this revelation, I laughed out loud!Folks, GOD has a way of making known his WORD. (Jeremiah 1:5!) Despite the rally cry to downplay the "humanizing of a fetus", the organization received a considerable amount of backlash. It seems the responders to the Twitter feed, felt this was over politicizing a funny commercial. Such an unexpected response! GOD certainly has a way of revealing wolves to the sheep.


As I reflect on this, understand, this agenda never sleeps or waivers; We as Believers must wake up and take an unyielding stand for LIFE! ! The issue has become a heated debate on the national political stage. #LifeisgivenandcreatedbyGOD, it's not a choice!...and the pro-choice organization wasn't done! They took issue to another Ad with the hashtag "#notbuyingit!"5) The offending parody depicted a concerned fathers actions to monitor his teen daughters date. It is presumed that the young man may have ideas of possibly escalating the relationship to engage in behavior deemed "off-limits". The org. publicly denounced via its Twitter account, that a "father" should not watch over his daughter, in an effort to decrease the possibility of promiscuity, stating it to be a ridiculous over reach! The org. further tweeted, that a minor should be allowed to make her own (paraphrased) decisions. To this end, again, there was some resulting backlash to the org, as the Twitter followers responded in disagreement with the org. over politicking. It seems to me, the true nature of the org. was showing. However, there were those of us that felt this parody was refreshingly welcoming for many reasons. It was equally encouraging to see that the message was well received by most viewers. Especially given the fact that another Ad dare to state, that Fathers are important in a girls life!#cultureshift! #Godlyprinciples! Love it!


As previously stated, the orgs'. advocates never wavier and proactively operates in obvious and unique ways to "influence". While I fervently, strongly oppose, I must say, in terms of is noted. Thank God for His plan...(Job 37:12). The agenda, worked for the "good!" God turned the attack around for the good! Love it!Hopefully, by this time, you must agree, that the Superbowl was filled with Super agendas! And just in case you thought I missed it...the Ad depicting the puppymonkeybaby.....! #Ican'trightnow!!! #Resist!.. ***breathe***Exhaling...As Believers, we must get in on the action for soul winning opportunities to vie for such a massive window of influence. Surely you can agree, that it is time we implement a Superbowl, super agenda strategy of our own?! Agreed? It wouldn't be ground-braking for Believers coming together and plan our own public service announcement! Would it? Our goal would be 30 million believers participating, with each person donating one dollar towards Superbowl advertising! That would raise the maximum price needed for air time during the game. With a little cooperation and prayer, during the 2017 Superbowl, we could promote the agenda of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! That's a great proactive strategy; not a far-fetched idea. Is it? #FranklinGraham #DecisionAmericaMost assuredly, we would definitely be investing in what could potentially be a far reaching response with unlimited " social press" for certain! Twitter, could possibly shut-down! Given the magnitude of the Superbowl game event, can we continue to sit on the sidelines as mere spectators?? Absolutely not!Finally, don't forget to add 10 points for field goals off the gridiron as well! Touch-down scored by the Santa Clara County Sheriff Team! There were significant arrests associated with the Human trafficking ring at the Superbowl! There were victims under the age of 17 rescued! Purpose Driven Ministry...Love it! Your thoughts? Eagles Wings!


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